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The American Peanut Council (APC) is able to consider the provision of marketing support to exporters/customers of finished products with peanut content being 100% USA origin peanuts, and with origin identification being included on pack (ideally with the APC’s USA Quality logo and tagline). The support is provided as part of our generic campaign to promote the taste and quality of USA peanuts or peanut products to differentiate them from other products on the market.

Funding levels are contingent upon a number of areas including, but not limited to: the number of applications received; potential sales impact; new product launch or existing product support; % peanut content in the product; historical promotion results; matching funds/contributions.

The aim of this support is to provide funds to cover activities which the customer/brand/retailer would not normally undertake, but which they deem vital/beneficial to help maintain or increase sales and are not able to fund themselves. It is not to be used to replace their normal sales/marketing efforts, but to enhance or expand them.

APC is able to support the production of temporary in-store displays, consumer sampling activities or advertising.

All activities funded by APC in Europe must comply with the following regulations as a minimum:

  • Only products with peanut content of 100% USA origin peanuts will be considered
  • The ‘partner’ company is expected to contribute to the activity with matching funds or in-kind contributions. The following may be considered as matching funds: the cost of price discounts; costs for activities to support the promotion that cannot be funded by APC (such as production of discount coupons / competitions & prizes / consumer give-aways)
  • All activities / designs / costs will be agreed in advance by APC to ensure they comply with regulations surrounding APC's funding
  • ALL materials will carry the USA quality logo and tagline above (or logo with local language tagline if agreed by APC to be appropriate). Any activities that do not include the logo/tagline will not be supported
  • If consumer sampling is undertaken, the key messages to be imparted to consumers are the great taste and quality of USA peanuts
  • All invoices will be sent directly to APC’s London office for processing and each will be accompanied by: translation of the invoice; originals of print materials (although photographs will be accepted for outdoor posters, promotion/display boxes); detailed lists of stores / areas where promotions were conducted
  • APC cannot be invoiced by, or pay, the supplier or brand company. If APC is funding the production of materials for a brand, the third party supplier (eg print company), will have to invoice APC. If activities are to be conducted with retailers, the retailer will have to invoice APC directly
  • Pre and post event sales data for the promoted product must be provided to APC to help ascertain promotion results

If you are interested in discussing your marketing plans and proposals to promote American peanuts with APC, please contact our European Marketing Director, Louise McKerchar by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.