Allergy Information

Our understanding of peanut allergy and its prevention has changed dramatically in recent years. Avoidance of peanuts used to be recommended. Now, for the majority of children, the approach taken in official guidelines is to introduce peanut containing foods early in order to promote tolerance and prevent the develop of allergy later. 

Food Allergies

The National Peanut Board addresses the issues around early introduction of peanut foods from the perspectives of parents, educators, healthcare providers and everyone concerned with caring for children. 

Peanut Allergy Facts

Allergy awareness in schools is everybody’s business.  Rather than banning peanuts, or any other allergenic food, it is much better – and safer – to take a whole-school approach to ensure that everyone knows about food allergy – pupils, parents, teachers, food service personnel – so that risks can be minimized and responsibility for keeping food allergic children safe becomes part of the culture of the school.  


Food Allergies in General