Export & Import of USA Peanuts

EU flagIf you want to export peanuts to Europe from the U.S., or import them into the EU, there is various legislation regarding maximum aflatoxin levels, and pesticide residues etc and import duties that you will need to know about.

As some of the legislation varies according to the origin of the peanuts, you will most likely need to take further advice, but we hope the information provided here is helpful.

If you are a U.S. exporter of peanuts or peanut products, please contact APC's UK office with any specific enquires you have (details below).  

The American Peanut Council can provide help and support to any company exporting or importing100% USA origin peanuts or products to/into the EU.

If you would like any assistance please contact our UK office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively, telephone +44 20 8263 6254

EU Regulations

Gavel lowNew legislation came into force on 14th December 2019.  The new legislation is based on existing principles such as a risk-based approach to controls and early detection and prevention. 

EU RASFF - Food & Feed Safety Alerts

RASFFThe European Commission publishes food and feed safety alerts in RASFF. 

European Aflatoxin Regulations

AflatoxinThe European Union has set different aflatoxin levels for peanuts depending on their intended use.