European Aflatoxin Regulations



Maximum levels (µg/kg)*



Sum of B1, B2G1 and G2

Food: Groundnuts to be subjected to sorting, or other physical treatment, before human consumption or use as an ingredient in foodstuffs



Food: Groundnuts and processed products thereof, intended for direct human consumption or use as an ingredient in foostuffs



Feed: Groundnuts intended for animal feed. Max level is based on 12% moisture content




Specific provisions for groundnuts and their derived products

A clear indication of the intended use must appear on the label of each individual bag, box, etc. or on the original accompanying document. This accompanying document must have a clear link with the consignment by means of mentioning the consignment identification code, which is on each individual bag, box, etc. of the consignment. In addition, the business activity of the consignee of the consignment given on the accompanying document must be compatible with the intended use.

In the absence of a clear indication that their intended use is not for human consumption, the maximum levels of 2,0 B1 and 4,0 total shall apply to all groundnuts, derived products thereof and cereals placed on the market.


*The maximum levels refer to the edible part of groundnuts and nuts. If groundnuts and nuts ‘in shell’ are analysed, it is assumed when calculating the aflatoxin content all the contamination is on the edible part.